XMI X-Mini Max 2 Capsule Speakers

XMI X Mini Max 2 Speakers

The XMI X-Mini Max 2 capsule speakers try to prove that size doesn’t really matter. It is an ultra-portable speaker system that works well with portable media gadgets. It offers quite excellent sound quality despite its small size.

The XMI X-Mini Max 2 is designed like a small capsule that detaches to two small speakers. The speakers themselves are uniquely designed in that they sport an expanding column comparable to what you see in accordions that help improve bass output quality while maintaining the high notes as well by way of a sensitive speaker. It weighs only 178 grams and offers 2.5W of speaker output, quite good enough to use for your portable gadgets. It sports a rechargeable battery that allows up to 12 hours of play time. It’s available in Amazon and is priced at around 33 UK pounds.

Image Source: Amazon

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