Xi3 Modular Computer

Having a PC may be a necessity nowadays. But owning one can also be quite costly since one may require upgrades almost every couple of years or so. And sometimes, some computers can only take so much, requiring owners to buy a new one to remain updated. Such limitations may have spurred the design of a computer like the new Xi3 Modular Computer.

The Xi3 Modular Computer may be unlike any other PC in the market. This relatively small aluminum encased computer measuring less than 4 inches per side may be the last PC one would ever need, at least that is what the company says. The main reason for this is that the Xi3 is designed to be upgradable for an unlimited number of times.

The Xi3 Modular Computer is designed to have three different boards as opposed to the usual single motherboard design for most PC’s today. One board houses two AMD Athlon 64 processors as well as the RAM. The two other I/O boards handle all the connectivity and input-output functions of the computer. Each board can be easily removed and modified or replaced by an updated or ungraded one. The Xi3 Modular also comes with 1080p DVI, VGA, HDMI, LVDS and DP output along with 6 USB and SATA ports, as well as a power saving function that lets it operate using only around 20 watts of power. The Xi3 Modular Computer is available at the Xi3 site in limited quantities and costs US$849 for the standard model.

Image Source: Xi3

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