Xi3 ChromiumPC Runs On Chrome OS

Modular PC’s have become quite popular nowadays due to their small form factor. But their size usually does not affect their appeal performance wise. Xi3 Corp., known for their modular PC’s, has recently announced a new one in the form of the Xi3 ChromiumPC. This new modular PC is being touted as the world’s first desktop PC to run on Google’s Chrome OS.

The new Xi3 ChromiumPC features a square chrome chassis housing. What makes it quite convenient is that this modular PC contains three small changeable module boards that allows users to change the functionality of their desktop PC whenever they feel like it. In the case of the new Xi3 ChromiumPC, it is designed with a Google Chrome OS built into its processor module. Changing into a different Os would simply be a matter of changing the processor module into any of the other available supported operating systems. The new Xi3 ChromiumPC is expected to be available by July of this year. Pricing has not yet been provided.

Image Source: BusinessWire

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