Xerox Introduces 24 Hour Fading Paper Concept

Xerox Experimental Paper

Xerox has come up with a brilliant, albeit quirky solution to cut down on paper use – and thus, save lots and lots of trees in the process.

Xerox presents the 24 Hour Fading Paper Concept. This breakthrough allows prints on paper to amazingly disappear overnight.

The company recently announced that they will use Wired NextFEST as a venue to introduce its newest invention.

How the Xerox 24 Hour Fading Paper Concept Works

Xerox engineers infuse chemicals to the paper which, when exposed to a certain wavelength of light, allows the document to darken or be "printed" on without actually laying down a ink or toner.

The cool thing is that the "print" effect fades with time. Hence, the dark portions on the printed paper fade and eventually disappear within 24 hours. To speed up the fading, you can opt to expose the paper to heat.

At first glance, it may not seem like the best idea. Just the thought that an important document can be lost overnight is a bit scary. But the truth is, about 40% of office print outs are used for less than a day, as what Xerox found out. This is because the printed data won’t be relevant in the future, or perhaps they are needed for a single viewing only.

Xerox’s 24 Hour Fading Paper, for now, will only be used in demos to show off Xerox’s latest R&D.

Image source: Xerox

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