Xbox Fishing Pole Controller

Xbox Fishing Pole

The more popular game consoles today are trying to outdo each other by offering gamers a more realistic experience with games. This usually also involves the use of better controllers that offer gamers a different realistic feel to the game aside from the game titles. That is why there are such controllers such as the fishing pole controller for the Xbox 360 being planned to come out sometime late this year.

Yes, a fishing pole controller might not be on anyone’s mind as of the moment. But the fact that it can allow a different experience for certain games may attract quite an attention for those who would want to try it out. The partnership made up of Griffin International, XS Games and Bass Pro Shops would try to make it possible. This would be in line with coming up with a series of outdoor sports videogames for the Xbox that would include fishing as well as hunting.

For the fishing video games, nothing would make it even more interesting than having a fishing pole controller to play such games with. It would be a little bit more exciting and realistic having such a controller on hand. The plan is to sell the video game and the special controller as a single unit. But gamers would have to wait by fall of this year to try out the planned fishing pole controllers for the Xbox 360.

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