X-Flex Wallpaper Protects Against Bombs

X-Flex Wallpaper Protects Against Bombs

Not that anyone is going to bomb your home anytime soon but it’s best to be safe, right?

If you’ve made a few enemies over the years or you forgot to pay your mortgage, maybe the X-Flex Wallpaper is the wallpaper for you. It is made of Kevlar-like material placed between an elastic polymer wrap. Considering what it could protect you from, the X-Flex wallpaper is surprisingly lightweight, portable and easy to install – simply peel off the back and stick it on to your wall. You can put wallpaper or paint over it if you’re not feeling its design.

If you need proof of the X-flex’s ability to blunt bomb and wrecking ball impacts you can watch it here and here. According to X-flex, a commercial version of the military grade wall paper will be available next year.

Image source: OhGizmo!

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