WWII Defense Halloween Version Android Game App

Tower defense games have had their share of ups and downs. While they somewhat have passed through their wild popularity, there are still some newer game apps being developed to continue to accommodate what cravings some players may have that may remain on the said game genre. One that was recently timed for the month is the WWII Defense Halloween version for Android devices.

The WWII Defense Halloween Android game app is a tower defense game fashioned in a WWII setting but with a twist. Players need to defend the homeland against the incoming horde of Nazi zombies. Players will use weapons that are similar to those used during WWII. Players play as an Allied commander in command of troops to defend against the Nazis in a European battlefield. Players can make use of six different defensive positions and upgrade the weapons used along the way. There are around 27 medals to earn by playing in around 24 challenging maps with three difficulty levels in three gaming modes. The WWII Defense Halloween version game app is available at Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play

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