WWF Penguin USB Flash Drive

Active Media Products introduces a USB flash drive that resembles some of the Earth’s endangered species as a fund raiser to World Wildlife Fund.  The most recent model is the WWF Penguin USB flash drive, which is shaped like an emperor penguin.

Measuring just 2.2 inches in height, the Penguin drive is made of PVC-free non-toxic silicone and is also free of lead and mercury, which are used in other USB drives.  The Penguin drive is available in different capacities from 2GB to 16GB.

This device may look cute at first, but you will realize that this is not worth the purchase once you use it (except if you buy it so you could donate to WWF).  Its bulky build may not fit into many think laptops and notebooks.  Meanwhile, plugging it appears like you are "stuffing" a penguin’s head into your computer, which may case alarm among animal rights group.

The Penguin drive is available online, with 5 percent of your purchase is given to WWF.

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