Wrist Watch Pattern 1500mAh Portable Battery

People who love to bring along several portable devices wherever they go always have to face issues regarding sufficient power for all of them. There are times when they don’t come prepared for such things to their own regret. But it is a good thing that there are now quite a lot of options available for people nowadays when it comes to bringing along some reserve power for their different devices. One of the stylish ones available is the Wrist Watch Pattern Portable Battery.

The Wrist Watch Pattern Portable Battery is a wearable 1500mAh Li Ion polymer battery. It is quite convenient to bring along since it comes with a wrist strap that allows owners to wear it in the style of a wrist watch wherever they go. It comes with a removable mini-USB to USB cable for charging those portable devices. There are also 7 adapters available so that it may be able to charge a wide range of devices that are popular today.

The Wrist Watch Pattern Portable Battery does not actually function as a watch although it might have been cool if it were so. It can be used to charge most mobile phone brands with the different adapters available as well as for other devices such as the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP. The Wrist Watch Pattern also has a LED light indicator to show just how much juice it carries and can also tell when it might need some charging as well. This unique external battery charger is available at Mini In the Box for US$35.

Image Source: TechMash

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