Wrist Band Portable Battery from Chinavasion

Wrist band portable battery

Portable chargers are among the big things in 2009. With more people going mobile, it would be frustrating to learn that your mobile phone’s running out of batteries and you are no where near a charger.

Finally, electronics distributor Chinavasion introduces a portable charger that you can bring wherever you go. The Wrist Band Portable Battery lets you charge different portable gadgets from cell phones to hand-held consoles from a wristband powered with lithium-ion battery.

It may appear as if the wrist band gets its powers from your own body movement. Unfortunately, it is not. You would have to charge the wrist band using an USB port for five full hours (or until you see the LED indicators signal a full charge) before you can able to charge other devices with it.

The wrist band comes with seven different adapters that would fit most major cell phone brands, MP3 players, portable gaming devices like PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS, as well as other hand-held gadgets. You can also use the wrist band as a stand-alone power source, keeping your device plugged onto it for up to three hours worth of talk time for your mobile phones or eight hours of MP3 usage.

We also noticed another catch with this creative product: You would probably have to hold your device while charging, unless if you put your gadget in your pocket and keep your hand and charger in it as well.

The Wrist Band Portable Battery from Chinavasion is available in the United States for only US$25.

Image source: Chinavasion.com

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