Wren V5PF Wireless Audio System

Many of the better quality wireless speakers for portable devices in the market are almost always designed for use on iOS devices. It might be because of the popularity or the said device that made more manufacturers design wireless speakers for them. But it leaves a void for Android devices in the process. But more and more device makers are realizing that now. There are now devices such as the Wren V5PF Wireless Audio System that is designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

The Wren V5PF Wireless Audio System can be considered as a high end wireless speaker for portable Android devices. It features DTS Play-Fi which essentially allows all Android devices to stream music wirelessly from Android smartphones and tablets. The Wren V5PF wireless speakers mix cutting-edge technology with classic materials in order to create unique yet attractive wireless speakers to complement your Android device. As you well know, it is not always the high tech features that make a popular device. Design and appeal also has to do with it.

With the Wren V5PF wireless speakers, you only not have a speaker that can fill the room with wireless audio sound, it also comes packaged in classic natural materials that not only help in enhancing the sound but also have the looks that make it attractive in any part of the home. The Wren V5PF is available at the Wren website for US$399.

Image Source: Wren Sound

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