WowWee’s Wi-Fi Spyball Webcam

wowwee wi-fi spyball

Are you into spy games? Do you want to see what your friends are up to or check out what is for dinner, all undetected? Then WowWee’s Wi-Fi Spyball is for you. A scaled back version of WowWee’s Rovio, the Spyball spycam is a Wi-Fi enabled, remote controlled webcam that allows you to capture videos and still images of others without being noticed.

Introducing the play to telepresence functionality element, this transforming robotic ball can broadcast video over the Internet. You can also make an Ad hoc connection via Wi-Fi-enabled device such as laptop, PC, video game console, or even mobile phone. The spycam comes with a USB cable, allowing you to configure an uncomplicated home network setup process. With this, you can control the Spyball from any distant location through the Web.

The WowWee Spyball is easy-to-use, rechargable and has sleek wheels for 360-degree turns and for faster and smoother mobility. It is perfect for spying since it moves stealthily in disguise. Beware, however, as the device’s "spying on your little sister/brother" angle can result in chaos. It is more affordable than the $299 Rovio, although no words yet about the starting price or the availability of the Spyball webcam.

Image Source: InfoSync World

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