WoWWee's Femisapien

wowwee femisapien

The Femisapien is the first female robot to be invented by WoWWee. This intelligent and dancing robot is also known as the Kissing Robot. Aside from having graceful movements, she also speaks her own language through emotive sounds.

Capable of sensing sounds, gestures and touch, it also has the ability to control and interact with the rest of the WoWWee family. It has speakers that allow it to record and play back songs of up to 90 seconds. Every joystick hand has up to 4 switches. In addition, it has 2 infrared transmitters.

Her mode of behavior consists of three types: the attentive mode, the responsive mode and the learning mode. Her attentive mode makes her sense movements and interacts with it. The responsive mode makes her play the dance moves you taught her through its learning mode-the mode in which you can teach it a series of dance moves.

The Femisapien’s features include:

  • Advanced gestures and movement
  • Five motors that enables her to dance smoothly
  • Interactive to other WoWWee robots
  • Controlling action through sound, sight and touch
  • Dancing along to music being played
  • Infrared radar sensor of 1.2 feet in range

WoWWee’s Femisapien is distributed by Sega City in Japan with a suggested retail price of $99.

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