Wowee One Portable Speaker

Portable speakers really com in different shapes and sizes. They also provide other different features that makes them unique. Take for example this new Wowee One Portable Speaker that offers more than just being a standard portable speaker.

The Wowee One Portable Speaker is designed for use with other portable media devices with a headphone jack output slot. It features a standard speaker but also makes use of hybrid technology for added audio quality unlike any portable speaker its size. A standard speaker provides audio for mid to high frequency sounds. It also employs a unique Gel Audio driver that allows it to create a makeshift subwoofer to whatever surface the speaker is placed on. The special gel inside the speaker transfers the sound into the material it is placed on, providing a wide range of deep and low bass range sound options. The Wowee One Portable Speaker is available at the Wowee One website for 50 UK Pounds or around US$80.

Image Source: Wowee One

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