WoW Lens: iPhone Case with Four Extra Lenses

Smartphones have taken over point-and-shoot cameras as your go-to tool in capturing memories, but we still wish it could do more than just changing filters or adding stickers. An accessory maker is providing iPhone users endless photography possibilities by changing the phone’s built-in lens.

The WoW Lens is actually an iPhone case with a carousel that places extra lenses on top of the device’s stock lens, giving a professional touch on your otherwise boring photos. You would even feel tempted to have the resulting photos printed and hanged on your wall.

It comes with a Macro lens that is perfect for close-up photos; a wide-angle lens that gives your images a 360-degree feel to it; a polarized neutral-density lens that reduces glare and creates a motion blur effect; and a cameo function that isolates the subject.

This iPhone case also comes bundled with a photo-zooming software called eZoom, which zooms into your subjects without having to worry about “lossless” or blurry close-ups by adding more images as you crop. The eZoom function allows you to have your photos printed in large sizes because of its crystal-clear quality.

The WoW Lens is currently campaigning on Kickstarter in hopes of being funded by at least $50,000. It has raised close to $8,000 so far with only 19 days to go, so help the guys at AppBanc turn this campaign into fruition if you think the WoW Lens would be awesome for your iPhone. Pledges start at $50 for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 versions.

Source: Kickstarter, via Mashable

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