Worx JawSaw

For those planning who are in for some yard cleaning, trimming those overlying branches and even cutting up some unwanted trees may be part of the plan. The most effective way to do this is by using chain saws which, may not always be the safer option for most people. But not to fret, a safer alternative may be available in the form of the new JawSaw from Worx Tools.

The Worx JawSaw is a safer tool to use when the need for cutting up branches or trees come up. It is the chain saw of sorts for those who haven’t has the experience to handle a conventional chain saw before. The Worx JawSaw is safer in that it features a guard over the running chain saw blades that is often the cause of accidents. It runs on electricity unlike the usual gas-powered chain saws that produces noxious emissions. The Worx JawSaw also features an automatic oiler that provides the chain with constant lubrication when used to keep it running smoothly. The Worx JawSaw is available at Worx Tools for US$119.

Image Source: Worx Tools

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