World's Most Expensive Cell Phone

Goldvish Le Million cell phone

If you are lucky enough to belong to the crowd of the insanely rich, here is another gadget where you can spend your millions on. From the Swedish luxury communications company Goldvish comes the Le Million, a limited edition cell phone that should be a must have for people who treat their millions as chump change. Well, if you have millions and with more left to spend, then why not get this wonderful gadget?

If you are still considering on checking out this marvelous and elegant piece of luxurious gadget and what it can give you, then you have to make it fast since the company is only making a hundred units of these babies and the hundreds of other millionaires out there may already be lining up to get one. As a high tech wireless communications gadget, you can be rest assured that you would be getting your money’s worth.

The Le Million cell phone comes with an mp3 player, 2 Gigabytes of memory, a camera and a lot more aside from the usual stuff that you look for in a cell phone. And there is more. The essential cell phone just became a luxurious item with the Le Million as its exterior is studded with diamonds that total about 120 carats. This is aside form the cell phone body that is made from red, yellow and white gold. Crocodile leather is added on the phones backboard to further heighten its luxurious appeal. The Le Million is only available upon special request and it would surely belong only in the hands that has made and let go of millions without breaking a sweat.

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