World's Largest Cell Phone

World's Largest Cellphone

And you think that cell phones can only get smaller in order to attract people. Well, US regional wireless carrier Cricket did quite the opposite. In partnership with Samsung, it made a gigantic workable mobile phone, making it into the Guinness record books in the process.

Cricket unveiled the world’s largest working cell phone with the carrier’s initial launch of its wireless service in Chicago last March 11. The huge cell phone measures 11 feet by fifteen feet, truly quite large by human standards. It was designed after the Samsung Messager phone, an accurate replica even.

The World’s largest cell phone features a workable keypad as well as a QWERTY keyboard. Since it’s a working cell phone, it can be used to make calls as well as to send text messages. It was part of the effort of Cricket to publicize its wireless services in the Chicago area. Next up would be going to other US cities to drum up more public support for their services.

For its gargantuan efforts, Cricket was duly certified by a Guinness World Records representative for having built the world’s largest working cell phone to date. This is quite a "big" deal and a "gigantic" way for Cricket to promote its services to the public, if you know what I mean.

Image Source: getsomerespekt via picasaweb

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