WordPress Celebrates 10th Birthday

It was ten years ago when WordPress released its first public version. What started as a fork of the arcane blogging platform called b2/Cafelog, WordPress has evolved to become the largest content management system in the world. Around 18 percent of the web is powered by WordPress, that is nearly 70 million websites ranging from personal blogs to high-profile websites.

With such immense usage, it is not difficult to see the impact this content management system has had on the digital publishing realm. Gadget.com actually runs on WordPress and we are not alone in saying how easy and varied it is to enter content, not to mention the security it provides against spammer.

WordPress began with Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, as the developed an open-source software that thousands of contributors chipped in with building the blogging platform. Mullenweg recently announced through his personal blog that Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has raised $50 million during a second stock transaction.

WordPress.com became a free avenue for bloggers to publish their own content, while giving Blogger a run for its audience. Eventually, WordPress provided software for owners of web hosts that support PHP and MySQL. Transfering content from their old website to a new, WordPress-supported domain was a breeze. Nowadays, many web host providers come with a one-click installation system that makes file transfer protocols much easier.

WordPress has since expanded beyond blogging or personal publishing, as full web applications can be installed on WordPress such as shopping cart systems, Twitter analytics services, and site management solutions.

In celebration of WordPress 10 years of existence, the WP community is organizing special Meetup events in different parts of the world. WordPress.net has even put up a special microsite that collects tweets, photos, and nostalgic posts about their experiences with the blogging platform.

From all of us at Gadget.com, we wish WordPress a Happy 10th Birthday!

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