Wordlock Stor-More Key Safe

It has always been a common habit for many people of leaving their door keys hidden somewhere near the door it opens. This is especially true to apartment or main doors in houses in the neighborhood. Some may consider it safe as long as they are the only ones who know where the door keys are hidden. But almost always, there is that possibility for others who might find it and get in. Using the Wordlock Stor-More Key Safe is a better alternative.

The Wordlock Stor-More Key Safe is an ideal way to keep your door keys safe, even when you choose to hide it near the doorway.  This device is made out of a solid aluminum locking head, hardened steel shackle and a stainless steel safe that can survive bouts of hammering, sawing and even dear Mother Nature. It has the capacity to hold up to 30 standard keys inside. You can use it to keep your garage door keys, smart auto keys and even credit cards.

What makes the Wordlock Stor-More Key Safe an ideal choice is that its password uses letters instead of the usual numbers. This makes it easier to remember. The password is easy to set and can be one out of any of the 10,000 word combinations. That is more than enough to disregard guessing the password for those who do not know. The Wordlock Stor-More Key Safe will be available at Crowd Supply website for an introductory price of US$30 for a 30-day period starting May 13.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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