Wood Stock: Like Pantone, But for Wood

Technically, this is not an electronic gadget, but a nifty gadget no less. A German company called Woodloops developed these easy-to-use Wood Stock kits for people who want to purchase wooden furniture but have no idea how this wood is different from the next. Think of it as a Pantone chip, but for wood instead of paint.

Each wooden chip features the type of wood and a textual description of the tree and the wood. Users can be able to distinguish between the likes of cherry, birch, acacia, ash, beech, alder, oak, larch, maple, and chestnut wood. Other versions feature additional wood samples and even larger chips.

Wood Stock comes in three variants: Primero (10 samples, about US$25.56), Brasil (10 Brazilian wood samples, about $28.62), and Gigante (8 samples, four meters long, comes in six languages, available only in demand, $289.34).

Source: Wood Loops, via CrunchGear

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