Wood Clock

wood clock

If you are redesigning your home to adapt to a greener environment, perhaps you can add this unusual yet high-tech clock as a perfect companion to your bedside drawer. It may appear as a simple wooden plank, but turn the switch on and you can see the time light up through the wood. This new Wood Clock from Lazybone UK provides a rustic but modern touch to your home.

This well-sanded timber clock measures 21 centimeters in width and 12 centimeters in height, making it ideal for your home as well as your office desk. The clock can tell time in three different modes, changing the way how the digits flash.

Mode A has the colon flash every 0.5 second, while Mode B lets the hours and minutes flash every 2.5 seconds, and Mode C features the digits flashing from left to right in a one-minute cycle. You can also choose between a 12-hour and a 24-hour format. To make the clock even more realistic, the Wooden Clock does not come in any wires, making it appear that a lump of wood can actually tell time.

The Wood Clock is a product of smart electrical engineering, giving you an accurate time in a most natural and cleanest of settings. It is simple yet sophisticated in style, appears natural yet technologically advance. Purchasing the Wooden Clock comes with a UK mains power adaptor. Buyers from outside of UK will need an adaptor to fit the UK-standard three-pin plugs.

The Wood Clock is available at Lazybone UK, costing US$117.85.

Image source: LazyboneUK.com

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