The WonderCube Portable Mobile Accessory

WonderCubeSmartphones have become the primary device of choice among many people today. Aside from being portable, smartphones today come with processing power that are just as capable of performing functions of their larger companion devices. People now consider their smartphone as no longer just a device to make calls. It becomes their go-to device when they need to go online, take photos, schedule meetings, determine one’s location and a host of other functions and tasks. It also helps that smartphones today come with useful apps and accessories. One of the more intriguing and interesting smartphone accessory you can have is the WonderCube.

The WonderCube Portable Mobile Accessory is intriguing just by its size alone. It is only once cubic inch in size and yet it packs 8 essential functions that smartphone owners might find quite useful. The WonderCube Portable Mobile Accessory comes with a built-in cable that allows users to connect their smartphone to a computer or laptop conveniently. The WonderCube also acts as a charger that people can connect to an available USB outlet to charge compatible devices.

People can also use the WonderCube as a convenient stand to keep your smartphone in place, thanks to micro suction cups plate that can easily detach or attach on a phone’s back panel. The WonderCube can also act as an external flash drive thanks to its built-in micro-SD slot that can support up to 64GB of added memory. The WonderCube can also work as an emergency charger when you have a 9-volt battery around. The WonderCube comes with a snap adapter hidden inside the cube to attach a 9-volt battery cell. You can then use this setup as an emergency charger when your smartphone battery drains empty and there is no power outlet available for recharge. Not only that, the WonderCube also works as a mini torch to light your way with its built-in LED light.

With these functions and the WonderCube’s small size, people will surely not mind having one always handy. The WonderCube fits conveniently as an addition to your keychain. The WonderCube Portable Mobile Accessory is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. You can have a 16GB version with a pledge of $59. A 64GB version is also available for $79. The first batch of the WonderCubes is expected to ship out around August of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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