WMF Smartea Teapot

Enjoying a cup of tea is an experience, and its preparation, a work of art. Simply taking a sip or two won’t just be enough. For many tea lovers, the enjoyment is in the whole experience. People can extend that experience with style by using the WMF Smartea Teapot the next time that they prepare their pot of tea.

The WMF Smartea Teapot features a stylish glass carafe that comes with a stainless steel lid equipped with a high quality mesh infuser. Tea is placed inside the infuser and hot water is poured in to the glass carafe. After finishing on the infusing of tea, removal of the infuser is just as easy as tipping back the lid to take out the infuser.

The Smartea Teapot also comes with a warming stand made out of brushed stainless steel. A tea light candle can be fitted underneath a place where the glass carafe is placed. Lighting up the candle helps warm up the teapot, allowing people to enjoy tea drinking longer. The WMF Smartea Teapot is available at WMF for US$135.

Image Source: WMF

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