WMF Parmesan Grater

Sometimes it is not just function that people look for in a device. It has to look good and stylish as well. And if one device can have both, then it would be a great feature in terms of appeal. This new WMF Parmesan Grater for the kitchen seems to have both in mind.
The WMF Parmesan Grater is a unique looking kitchen tool that can help you prepare those grated parmesan cheese for your pastas, pizzas and other food preparation that require some healthy toppings of parmesan cheese. This unique kitchen tool follows a funnel shape that has a uniquely designed metal screen on top. This is actually the metal grater from which users can grate the parmesan cheese conveniently.
The WMF Parmesan Grater is convenient to use in that it grates the cheese no matter from what direction the parmesan cheese you grate from it comes from. The other side comes with a cap that lets you collect all the grated parmesan cheese for later use. You can also remove the cap so that you can directly grate the cheese on top of any prepared food you have for immediate serving. Made of Cromargan stainless steel and PP plastic, the WMF Parmesan Grater has quality and style written all over it. This unique looking but stylish grater is available at WMF for 20 Euros or around US$26.
Image Source: WMF

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