Withings WiFi Body Scale

Withings WiFi Body Scale

For those who love anything high tech, anything usually goes. It might not matter whether it is something that you can show off or not as long as it is something that appeals to the high tech mind. Surely a gadget that can tell you your weight is not something that you can definitely show off to anyone.

But there is something in the Withings WiFi Body Scale that quite appeals to such people. Getting a record of your weight the high tech way does appeal to a certain segment of people. What makes the Withings WiFi Body Scale unique is that it not only provides users with the usual weight but also automatically records it.

Not only does this high tech scale record it, the WiFi Body Scale can even send the record of the user’s weight, fat mass and BMI wirelessly into a PC or an iPhone. It provides an easy monitoring of one’s weight graph to see how thing’s are progressing, or not. This high tech method of monitoring weight might even help keep users watch their weight more carefully. It is available at the Withings site and goes for 138 Euros.

Image Source: Withings

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