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withings thermo

withings thermoMedical devices surely benefit from new technology most of the time. But some of the common devices we use like thermometers have continued to serve that single important purpose of measuring body temperature to determine a fever. Even though it has moved on to the digital age, thermometers still do the same single task when used. But now, that may change with the new Withings Thermo.

The Withings Thermo may look like an updated digital thermometer. But it will be able to do more than just measure your body temperature. The Withings  Thermo features 16 infrared sensors that detects heat and provides a temperature reading as fast as 2 seconds. It features technology that can detect the hottest spots to give the precise temperatures possible.

What makes it unique is that the Withings Thermo can connect to a smartphone or tablet to an app via WiFi or Bluetooth. The app can then collect the temperature readings and create a temperature diary. You can also include other information such as medication and symptoms that can help doctors assess conditions based on the information they get from the app. This makes Withings Thermo become more than just an ordinary thermometer. It is available for pre-order for around 100 Euros or around US$109. It is expected to be available sometime in the first quarter of this year.

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