Withings Smart Body Analyzer

People nowadays are becoming more and more serious when it comes to looking after their health and fitness. Smart devices can help them make the monitoring and tracking activities all the more convenient. One of the recent ones to be introduced in the market is the new Withings Smart Body Analyzer.

Withings, the company that introduced the first Internet connected weighing scale, in launching another unique smart scale at the 2013 International CES in the form of the Withings Smart Body Analyzer. It is the first ever scale that not only monitor a person’s health but also the immediate environment as well. The Withings Smart Body Analyzer can provide users with a comprehensive health snapshot that is not only limited to their weight measurements. This smart scale also provides users with body fat and heart rate readings.

Not only that, the smart scale can also monitor the air quality in its immediate surroundings by taking temperature and carbon dioxide measurements. High carbon dioxide levels can cause a number of health effects that can affect a person’s overall condition. By measuring the surrounding air quality, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer can help users provide a healthier environment to move about by constantly monitoring air quality.

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer also comes with Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity, similar to the other Withings line of smart scales now in the market. This feature allows the scale to transmit the readings to the Withings Health Mate mobile application for smart phones. It keeps a data of health and weight readings that users can share with a doctor to help provide a better picture of one’s current health and fitness. The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is expected to be available in the market sometime in the first quarter of this year. Pricing is expected to be around US$150.

Image Source: Withings

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