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Withings PulseIt is up to individuals to check up on their health status. It really helps to have a history of health data that you can always bring with you when you visit your doctor, especially that of your activity level. The new Withings Pulse Activity Tracker can help do that for you.

The Withings Pulse Activity Tracker helps keep a record of your physical activities as well as essential health data such as your heartbeat and pulse. Small at just 1.69 inches long and weighing 8 grams, the Withings Pulse provides much more than its size will suggest. You can keep it in your pocket, bag or while wearing the included clip on your belt, shirt or bra. The device comes with sensors that automatically detects motion or movement and starts tracking data such as steps taken, elevation, distance travelled as well as calories burned. Users can also keep track of their daily runs, including duration and distance using the Withings Pulse. The device can also take instant heart rate readings by simply putting a finger on the sensor at the back of the device. It will them provide users with the heart rate reading in seconds. The OLED touch display on the device shows the different data readings while also providing the means to navigate through the different modes and features.

People can also use the Withings Pulse to keep track of their sleeping habits by wearing it on their writs with the accompanying wristband. The device will keep track of your light and deep sleep cycle analysis ready for you when you wake up in the morning. The Withings Pulse can also have all these data sent wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone armed with the free Withings Health Mate app. The synched data can then be collected and even displayed in real time right from the app. The Withings Pulse is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery with a 2-week average lifespan in between charges. It is expected to be available any time soon. Pricing for the device is still pending.

Image Source: Withings

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