Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer

Wireless Pavlovian Canine TrainerTraining your dog takes time and effort. You also need to provide your dog some type of reward every time it does your bidding. This is to keep your dog interested in learning as you train him. One common way to reward your canine friend while training him is by giving treats for a job well done. This Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer may help make the task of training your dog easier.

The Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer aids in training your pet dog to develop good behavior. This device is useful for using a conditioning process first discovered by Ivan Pavlov when observing salivating canines while training them. The device comes with a container that dispenses dog treats whenever the dog owner needs to reward the pet for good behavior. The device comes with a wireless keychain remote that can control the dispensing of treats to the dog without dealing with the device personally. This means that dog owners can control the Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer into giving treats for pets even while up to 25 feet away. The treat dispenser also sends out a notifying tone whenever the device is about to give a treat to the dog. This will also help condition the dog to establish the connection between getting a reward and good behavior. The Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer needs two AA batteries and a 3V lithium ion battery. The Wireless Pavlovian Canine Trainer can also be plugged into a power outlet in the room. This handy dog trainer is now available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$100.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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