Wireless Page to TV Magnifier

Wireless Page to TV Magnifier

Hammacher Schlemmer, where one goes when in search for unique and out-of-this-world yet very usable items, offers a device for the bookworms who have difficulty reading even with glasses.

The Wireless Page to TV Magnifier is a computer mouse-shaped gadget that scans written materials and sends them wirelessly to the television set.  It can magnify texts up to 28 times, so that even fine print can be read with ease.

This magnifier features a bright 655 x 488 pixel handheld scanner that picks up every detail of a page, whether texts or images, then transfers the data to its base station plugged on the TV.  The base station then transmits it to the television screen in real time.  Magnification depends on the size of the TV, from 10X on a 14-inch TV to 28 times on a 32-inch display.

The Wireless Page to TV Magnifier is only available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$149.95.  We would have recommended a cheaper 25X magnifying glass, but it can only cover a teensy weensy part of a page.

Image source:  Hammacher Schlemmer

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