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wireless charging system

wireless charging systemMost people today are also portable gadget owners. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, music player, digital camera or a sports camera, a lot of people have one, two or even all of them. While they offer a lot of conveniences to the owners, charging them is always a hassle. Having to find a vacant power outlet, plugging them in, or bringing a suitable charger are modern inconveniences that come along with them. But it should no longer be the case, not with having the new FLI Charge wireless charging system around.

The FLI Charge is a convenient charging system that allows most gadget owners to recharge their repleted gadgets in the most convenient way possible- via wireless charging. While there are quite a number of wireless charging systems now available, they are not as flexible as to offer the convenience to most gadget owners. The FLI Charge system can work with most portable gadgets using USB. This wireless charging system, in short, can work with most of today’s popular gadgets.

The FLI Charge system is composed of a FLI Way 40 wireless charging base, a FLI Case for iPhone and Samsung smartphones, a FLI Cube for USB-charged gadgets and a FLI Coin for gadgets using  USB, microUSB and Lightning connectors. The FLI Way 40 provides up to 40 watts of power for gadgets that is placed on top of it. It provides enough power through conductive charging that can simultaneously charge multiple devices. The FLI Case, FLI Cube and the FLI Coin each feature specially designed magnetized pins that recharge the gadgets connected to them when placed on top of the FLI Way 40 in any type of orientation. Just as long as the gadgets are placed on top of the FLI Way, they can instantly recharge without losing power significantly, no matter how many gadgets are being wirelessly charged on it.

With the FLI Charge system, it is possible for most gadget owners today to embrace a wireless charging facility at home or the office. How the system is designed makes it possible for people to use it even for their existing gadgets. This is one common inconvenience that many people would really like to solve. The FLI Charge wireless charging system can do just that. It is currently undergoing a successful crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. A set of the FLI Charge wireless charging system goes for $99.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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