WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker

WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless SpeakerWireless speakers are ever getting more and more popular these days. The convenience they offer is their best selling point- no wires needed to connect a music player to the speaker. It allows people to enjoy listening to music on portable speakers anywhere they go and in places where the usual speaker set-ups will not be the ideal choice. And with wireless speaker choices out there, this WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker fits right into what most people look for.

The WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker from Wolverine Data is not your typical wireless speaker. It is a wireless speaker system that incorporates both 5.8 GHz wireless along with Bluetooth technology to connect the speaker with your supported media player wirelessly. It has a normal wireless range of up to 200 feet and can even transmit audio signals as far as 262 feet with 5.8 GHz wireless on a clear line of sight.

The WIOS-5.8 is an ideal speaker system to use both indoors and outdoors with its transmitter and speaker set up, capable of producing big sound in such a compact form factor. This wireless speaker system comes with a pair of 10W speakers to produce that big sound that can fill a whole backyard or even the home. It is also flexible in that you can incorporate the sound from your existing sound system into the WIOS-5.8 using the optional Wireless Receiver. The WIOS-5.8 is compatible with all the major smartphones, mp3 players as well as stereo receivers, televisions and computers. Even wires devices can be used with the WIOS-5.8 wireless speaker system when connected to the transmitter using an audio cable. The WIOS-5.8 Portable Wireless Speaker has just been announced by Wolverine Data as one of its new offerings for this year. It is now available at their website for $200.

Image Source: Wolverine Data

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