Winnie The Pooh Cell Phone

Winnie The Pooh Cell Phone

Cuteness level has just become cool when it comes for mobile phones. There are some people, most especially kids and teenagers, who would want to add some coolness factor when choosing their new phones. That is why maybe some manufacturers have come out with unique mobile phones such as the C92 Winnie the Pooh cell phone.

Cartoon characters meet mobile phones in this cool mobile phone that is said to have been manufactured in China. The C92 is a flip top mobile phone bearing the likeness of Winnie the Pooh, that popular and lovable cartoon character that would surely be quite an attraction among the younger mobile phone user set.

The C92 Winnie the Pooh phone is a dual SIM card GSM phone that also includes a 1.2 MP digital camera, an FM radio, mp3 and mp4 player, double 3D sound effect speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. It is priced at around 115 USD for those who wish to have this cute phone.

Image source: ipmart

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