Windspire Vertical Turbine from Mariah Power

windspire vertical turbine

The good thing about green devices is that they can be innovative and meet the demands of 21st century consumers. One of these eco-friendly gizmos is the Windspire Vertical Turbine from Mariah Power.

This 9-meter tall vertical wind turbine is designed for commercial or residential use. It can be installed anywhere outside your house and can deliver a good 2000 kilowatts per hour annually. And it has an instantaneous power rating of 1.2 kilowatts.

What makes this even greener is the fact that it is not harmful to the birds due to its slow spin rate which has a maximum of 2.5 times as that of the wind. The best thing of all is that this has Wi-Fi.

Moreover, this is made from recycled steel and creates an 8.8 decibel sound while 50mph. The Windspire Vertical Turbine weighs at around 273 kilograms. It costs at about $5,000 and has a five-year warranty.

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