Windows 8 Confirmed by Microsoft

Finally, Microsoft has now confirmed the existence of a “Windows 8” OS as CEO Steve Ballmer (pictured) announced it during the company’s developer forum held in Japan.

Although Ballmer did not dish out the dirt about the upcoming OS, he did indicate that the “next generation of Windows systems” will be released net year. He also teased that “there’s a whole lot more coming,” which would include “slates, tablets, PCs, (and) a variety of form factors.”

ZDNet noted the distinction between “slates” and “tablets” as two separate form factors, which could be interesting unless Ballmer used two terms pertaining to one device. Another interesting insight is that he did not use the name “Windows 8” regarding the next-gen Windows systems. Perhaps we will hear more about it in the coming days, particularly during the D9 conference where Microsoft’s Windows chief, Steven Sinofski, would appear.

Source: ZDNet

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