Wind-Powered Rotating Skyscraper in Dubai

wind powered rotating skyscraper

By 2010 Dubai will be having its own eco-friendly skyscrapers. They are going to be independently rotating skyscrapers. Wind-powered, they will be 420 meters high with 80 floors. Designed by Dr. David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture, it is said that they will be installed with 48 turbines which will allow it to rotate. In this case, it will generate and supply its own electricity and, which makes it, practically, environment-friendly.

As Dubai experiences some 4,000 winds every year that are, generating enough power to sustain sufficient electricity for a year is no problem at all. In fact, it only needs just four of its turbines to just do that, and it will be enough to supply the skyscraper an annual amount of power it needs. The other forty-four turbines, on the other hand, will provide the energy needed for its power grid.

Building the skyscraper will not take conventional means. That is, not from the ground up. Instead each floor will have to be readily built in segments in a factory nearby. Probably the best part about this is each apartment will be self-contained and it design will be based upon the desires of the tenants themselves.

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