Winamp snags acquisition from Radionomy

Radionomy acquires Winamp

Radionomy acquires Winamp

It is almost a month ago when Winamp, one of the pioneering media players, shuts down. Apparently, the grieving period is only temporary as radio-streaming service Radionomy has acquired Winamp, along with AOL’s Shoutcast Internet radio platform.

Winamp waved the white flag back in November, mainly due to more popular online music services, saying it would longer be available after December 20 last year. However, Winamp did not exactly shut down when that day arrived, fueling suspicions that Radionomy may have acquired the media player software. It is only now that Radionomy officially announced the deal.

Radionomy acquires Winamp

“Winamp is a top independent player that gives millions of people the best player functionality available,” Radionomy CEO Alexandre Saboundijian said in a press release. “Its role is clear in the future evolution of online media–we plan to make the player ubiquitous, developing new functionalities dedicated to desktop, mobile, car systems, connected devices, and all other platforms.”

The radio-streaming service will also provide the loyal Winamp users with access to over 60,000 Internet radio stations, playback support in 60 video and audio file formats, 6,000 add-ons (ranging from skins to visualizations), and tools for managing podcast subscriptions.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of Shoutcast would help expand Radionomy’s presence in the United States. “With Shoutcast, we have expanded our reach to include roughly half of the world’s online radio streaming, leaving Radionomy well-positioned to change the face of online radio,” Saboundijian added.

Source: PC Magazine

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