Will Samsung Unveil the S-Pad?

If there is one company who has a mighty chance of becoming a real competitor to the iPad, it has to be Samsung. They are actually pretty much aware of it too, which is why they teased us with this bigger Galaxy S named S-Pad (or Galaxy Tab, depending on your source). It will run on Android OS, most probably 2.2, on a 7-inch (possibly AMOLED) screen. It could even have a phone function, which is absent on the iPad.

And it seems this tease is about to be more alluring as Samsung is set to introduce new products through its event scheduled for August 11. Tim Baxter, president of Samsung America, will be at the helm of the unveiling, making the event even more special. Will the Galaxy Tab be included among these so-called new products? Let’s wait for a few days to find out!

Source: CrunchGear

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