Will Apple discontinue iPhone 5C?

Apple allegedly plans to discontinue iPhone 5C

Also included the recent Wall Street Journal report is how Apple plans to discontinue iPhone 5C, the less-expensive version of the iPhone 5S with its colorful plastic covers. The decision is allegedly caused by the lagging sales of the 5C as compared to the success of its counterpart, the iPhone 5S.

The Sydney Morning Herald has previously reported how numerous Apple stores in Australia has been struggling in selling the cheaper model. Retailers in the United States, meanwhile, have slash its retail price and offer gift cars to entice consumers. These may contribute to the rumors that Apple may discontinue iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C was introduced last year as Apple’s first attempt in the affordable smartphone market. It comes with a plastic-made back cover that can be swapped into different color combinations. It was Apple’s tryout of sorts into the Chinese market, hoping that a cheaper model would entice consumers.

As it turns out, other smartphones have better sales performance in Asia compared to the iPhone 5C. Most of these smartphones that are successful in China have larger screens, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and its 5.7-inch display.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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