Wii U Launch Suffers Several Setbacks

While Nintendo celebrates the successful US launch of its Wii U console, with news that it has sold out in most retail stores, the launch has its share of setbacks.

For one, Nintendo announce last week that the Wii U was being shipped without the Nintendo TVii feature, which would have rivaled Xbox 360’s multimedia prowess.

And on its launch day, Nintendo is pushing for a mandatory firmware update that has gotten several users fuming. Tech bloggers have reported that the update is around 5GB in size, which is huge for a mere update, and that it takes between one hour to over two hours to download and apply. If you have purchased the Wii U model with only 8GB of flash storage, that firmware could cause some headaches.

And the worst part is that if you have turned off or restarted your console while the update is being downloaded or applied, your precious Wii U could be bricked permanently, rendering it useless unless you want to have the warranty void.

Nintendo has yet to respond on these update bricking issue.

Source: Slashgear

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