Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort

Nintendo Wii revolutionized motion gaming and it will introduce a new title to complement its new MotionPlus controller that promises to bring enhanced precision to its games.

The Wii Sports Resort is Nintendo‘s first party title, meaning it can accommodate up to five players at one time.  Think of it as an extension of Wii Sports, only that this time the games require more accuracy and precision.  This is where the MotionPlus comes into play.  As you start, you are required to calibrate the MotionPlus remote, something you do not do with the WiiMote. 

The games in Wii Sports Resort include swordfight, basketball, wakeboarding, table tennis, and even archery.  These require more range of motion and pinpoint accuracy that the WiiMote cannot provide.  Since its introduction, Nintendo has sold more than 1.25 million units in the United States alone.

To further entice the market, the company then releases a special, limited-edition Wii Sports Resort bundle that includes two Wii MotionPlus accessories.  The bundle is priced at a suggested retail price of US$59.99, which is more than $30 worth of savings if you buy all of them separately.  The Wii Sports Resort bundle will be available beginning October 12 until supplies last, so grab them right away.

Image source:  Nintendo

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