Wii Party: A Party Game Full of Miis

Set to be released in Japan on July 8, Wii Party is an all-new party game developed by Nintendo for the Wii. It is kinda like Mario Party with its wide array of mini games and modes that provide hours of fun for friends and family.

The common thread among the mini games is that it makes use of the Miis, the customizable player avatars used in several Wii-based games. Games include roulette, bingo, and dice that are playable for one to four players; there is also a Pair Party that is playable by two and includes games like Compatibility Check, Balance Ship, and Mii Alignment.

Another mode is called “Living Party,” which we are unsure what it does, but according to Nintendo it is playable by two or more players and makes use of the Wiimote.

Check out the video link to get a first look on how the mini games on Wii Party are played.

Source: IGN, via CrunchGear

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