Wii Maracas Let You Shake Your Bon-Bon

Wii Maracas for Samba de Amigo

Remember the Sega Dreamcast game "Samba de Amigo"?  If not, too bad.  You did not get to see the excitement of shaking those maraca controllers on the hottest Latin tracks back in the day like "La Bamba" and "Macarena," while making sure that those maracas were detected by the sensor placed on the floor.

Now, you can recreate that excitement as Samba de Amigo comes to Nintendo Wii, but it would not be a maracas game without your very own pair of Wii Maracas! Pretend like you are actually celebrating a big fiesta with memorable songs like "Hot Hot Hot," "Bamboleo," "Oye Como Va," and my personal favorite, "Samba de Janeiro."

The Wii Maracas are actually a pair of maraca-shaped grips that contain small plastic pellets that produce the rattling sound.  Each grip has a compartment where the Wii remote and nunchuk fit inside securely.

The Wii Maracas are available at Amazon.com for only US$10.99, Samba de Amigo game and Panama hat not included.

Image source:  Amazon.com

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