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Aside from unbalanced dieting, video gaming has been blamed for weight problems among children and adults. Sitting for hours while accompanying your character through a journey of good against evil can certainly make one idle. However, that does not mean video game companies do nothing in promoting physical activity in gaming. We already have Dance Dance Revolution, which can be compared to rhythmic jogging, or those crazy exercise bikes that you plug in your PS2 and use as your car’s accelerator.

Although DDR is quite popular, it was never promoted as a form of exercise. There was also the EyeToy, a digital camera device that lets players interact with the game using your own motion. Throw a punch to the board as hard as you can to break it, for instance. However, EyeToy is subject to cheating (you can flick you fingers instead of punching and still get the same results) and sometimes does not recognize motion in a dark room.

This is where Nintendo comes into picture. With the success of Wii, which they promoted as a way to get the gamers off the couch and get moving, they have introduced the next level of exercising while gaming: the Wii Fit. It comes with a Wii Balance Board, a unique platform peripheral that lets you stand and balance yourself as the system guides you through different physical activities: aerobic, balance games, yoga, and strength training. The balance board does not feel like a cheap piece of plastic, although you have to avoid jumping on it (and instead "lifting your heels with force" when needed to). It also comes with 4 AA batteries that you need to put in the wireless balance board.

The Wii Fit begins by measuring your weight and center of gravity. It would also show your Body Mass Index and indicate whether your weight is below or above normal. It does not shy away when it calls you overweight or obese. These data are then saved and you get to check your progress as the days pass. Once the BMI has been recorded, you then take a series of balance tests, which is not as easy as you might think. It involves shifting your weight left or right on the board so you stay within certain parameters on the screen as well as trying to remain steady while standing on one leg. Once done, the system could then calculate your Wii Fit Age.

You can choose which type of activity you want to enjoy in Wii Fit. You can try different yoga poses and improve your balance, burn calories through aerobic exercises while standing on the board, have fun while burning fat with those crazy balance games like Hula Hoops, and tone muscles with strength training workouts. The more minutes you earn the exercises you get to unlock. Another interesting activity is jogging in place, in which you do not need the balance board and instead put the Wii remote in your pocket and it acts as a pedometer. The boredom of jogging is replaced with beautiful views as you run around Wifitty Island.

The shocking part about Wii Fit is that it actually works. It does make you feel those stretched muscle. It does provide the amount of exercise you need without expensive gym membership fees and just as unaffordable exercise equipment. Although the trainers in Wii Fit may seem robotic, the good thing about them is that they try to correct you while you do the exercise by pointing out whether you are off-balance.

Overall, with the exciting things you can do to Nintendo Wii Fit, it might be the next big thing in gaming. And the battle against the evil of idleness will eventually be conquered. Wii Fit is already available in Japan, Europe, and Australia, while it will be sold to United States on May 19, 2008.

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