Wii Dart Game Kit

Wii Dart Game Kit

The popularity of the Nintendo Wii was due to the different gaming experience it has offered. People have gotten to like the Wii because it made innovative use of physical motion as part of the game play. And now, many people seem to get addicted to such games and can’t get enough of them.

So it may not be so unusual to see that there is now a Dart Game Kit available for the Wii. This kit comes with a controller as well as special attachments to make the controller a dart. It can be used similar to how dart players play the sport, but this time for the Wii gaming console. Wii players now can play dart games with actually "throwing" the dart controller towards the dart board on the TV screen, giving the game a near realistic approach.

It may not be entirely new that more people are apt to throw away their Wii controllers towards their TV set, most of the time out of frustration. The Wii dart game kit just adds another dimension to this common occurrence by actually making it a part of a Wii dart game such as the "PDC World Championship Darts 2008." And oh yes, the kit comes with a wrist strap that attaches to the controller to prevent it from doing any actual damage in case players get into the heat of the action playing a dart game on Wii. For just around US$9.54 at DealXtreme, it is worth a try if you are seriously into darts.

Image Source: DealXtreme

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