Wii Bowling Ball Controller

Wii Bowling Ball Controller

As if people can’t get enough of throwing things at their TV set while playing Nintendo Wii, a firm called CTA Digital has come up with an innovative way to enjoy playing the hugely popular gaming console even more. Playing bowling on the Wii won’t be the same without a bowling ball on hand. That is why they came up with just the thing- a Wii bowling ball controller.

The Wii bowling ball can make playing bowling games even feel more realistic by having a ball in hand for a controller. This unique bowling controller is composed of a realistic ball that can be opened in half where users may be able to put the Wii controller inside. It has buttons on the outside surface of the ball which can be used to navigate while playing the bowling game on the Wii. There are also three holes where users can put their fingers in, just like an actual bowling ball.

The motion of trying to roll the Wii bowling ball controller gives a more realistic feel to the game. The actual motions can be recreated without the fingers being released from the bowling ball itself. In fact, the makers of the Wii bowling ball controller insist that users do not try to release the ball in actual bowling fashion. The proper motions would be enough. But for those who might get in the mood for some actual bowling action using this unique controller, a wrist attachment is provided to prevent any accidental damage when released.

Image Source: CTA Digital

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