Wicked Audio Helix Earphones

Earphones today seem to be not just a functional accessory used to listen to favorite tunes stored in portable media players. They are now being used as a means to look cool and have become some sort of fashion accessory used by both genders. That may be the reason why new earphones like the ones coming from Wicked Audio are becoming wickedly cool inside and out. Just by looking at the new Wicked Helix Earphones and you will get the drift.
The new Wicked Audio Helix Earphones sports that cool mix of design and color to give users a reason to wear it for the looks. But that is not all that these attractive earphones offer. Its function is just as attractive as well.
The Wicker Helix features a 10mm driver to provide great sound quality. It also comes with maximum noise isolation features to maintain good sound quality without outside noise interference. It is fitted with the EarHugger technology, which allows users to be as active as they can be without having to worry about the earphones falling out of their ears. This makes it quite ideal for extreme athletes as well as simple music lovers who happen to move and dance around a lot. The new Wicked Audio Helix Earphones is available at selected retailers for US$15.
Image Source: Wicked Audio

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