Wi-Fi Detecting Watch

Wi-Fi Detecting Watch

Hi-Tech gadget users always look into more unique products out there that may catch their fancy. Here’s a gadget that may just have a similar attraction, especially for those geeks who look for ways to stay online even while on the go.

It has become an important habit for a number of geeks to check out for Wi-Fi availability in places that they find themselves at any given time. It is not usual that such places may have Wi-Fi signs posted just about anywhere. In the absence of Wi-Fi signs in the vicinity, gadget geeks may have another way of knowing the Wi-Fi signal status in an area.

The Wi-Fi Detecting Watch may just be the gadget that Wi-Fi hotspot seekers may want to have. With a push of a button, it allows users to get an idea of the Wi-Fi signal strength that can be shown as a number from 0 to 8. This will allow users to know which areas provide the best signal coverage in order to reduce some downtime while online.

A pretty wonderful gadget in itself, the Wi-Fi Detecting Watch can also tell time as well as provide an alarm function to let users know when it is time to log off or to log in. A countdown timer is also featured to help users monitor how many hours they have stayed online. The watch also features a calendar function to remind geeks how many days are left before their next birthday.

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