Why Wait Before Buying a 3D TV?

Although companies and its marketing people may say that 3D TV is the next big thing, we should take time to look at the big picture. Would purchasing a 3D TV worth your hard-earned dollar? Would your TV viewing experience would drastically change because of it?

For now, it is not the right time to buy 3D TV, at least according to some experts. Here are some thoughts to ponder:

3D TV is expensive – Although manufacturers have claimed that 3D TVs will not be more expensive than flat panel HD monitors, the reality is not as promised. Television sets that are 3D-enabled are being marketed as luxury entertainment devices, the same way they have marketed plasma and LCD TVs several years ago. Of course, purchasing a 3D TV does not end there. You will also need to download firmware updates for your Blu Ray players, buy new components, and even additional 3D glasses.

It still lacks content – What would you watch out of your 3D TV? So far, not much. Sure, there are shows such as televised sports events that are now available, but there still is a wide array of programs and channels that are even yet to switch to HD. Besides, creating a program with 3D content is expensive in the first place. It would require special equipment to film and limitations to programs. Besides, do you really need to watch a sitcom or a medical drama in 3D?

The 3D glasses issue – Those who watch television in 3D are required to wear corrective lens glasses to fully appreciate a TV program or two. Also, there have been reposts.

Ill effects to one’s health – 3D works by fooling our eyes and brain, which is why it is not surprising why it could cause nausea, sinus strains, muscle imbalance. For now on.

Not friendly to multi-tasking – Unlike TV, you cannot watch a program and listen to the radio at the same time, or connect with Twitter and Facebook to post your status updates. However, 3D Glasses from Hewlett-Packard are only limited to 3D content.

Source: 3D TV Buying Guide

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